Redmi Note 9 Pro Review: Gaming Review Pros And Cons 2020


Redmi Note 9 Pro Gaming Review: Pros And Cons 2020

Redmi note 9 pro review

Review of Redmi Note 9 pro :

Hello Elmntrixers, Welcome to Elmntrix ! Today we are going to read about the detailed Gaming review of Redmi note 9 pro. The Redmi Note 9 Pro has a new processor Snapdragon 720G. How does Redmi Note 9 Pro perform on practical basis? We’ve all seen the benchmarks of Redmi Note 9 pro but here’s the practical part it’s still not really known.

Redmi Note 9 Pro Features:

Xiaomi India has recently launched A Brand New Note series phone that is  Redmi Note 9 Pro. The Redmi Note 9 pro Comes with Snapdrangon’s new processor 720G. In this post of Redmi Note 9 Pro review we talk detailed about its gaming performance.

Key Features:

  • Snapdragon 720G Qualcomm Processor.
  • 48 MP Quad Camera.
  • 5020mAh Lithium Ion Battery.
  • 6.67 Inch (16.9cm) Full HD And DOT Display.
  • 4+64 GB / 6+128 GB of RAM and Memory Space.
  • Colors: Interstellar Black/ Aurora Blue / Glacier White.
  • Redmi note 9 pro Sale on: 24th March 2020


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Gaming Review of Redmi Note 9 pro :


Gaming review of redmi note 9 pro

So let’s check out, How does the Redmi Note 9 pro performs while gaming?. With a detailed clean game play session of call of duty mobile and of course PUBG and then check out other popular games like Asphalt 9 And Fortnight to see how the Redmi Note 9 pro performs. If it is smooth with gaming ? if there’s any heating issues ? And so on.

Call Of Duty Mobile on Redmi Note 9 Pro Review:

By Default setting:

So first Call of Duty mobile this is a very well optimized title so we went in expecting great results with the default settings that is graphic quality set to medium and the frame rate at high with a no problems whatsoever the 720 G kept churning out frames and we kept churning out kills

With Graphics Quality Very High :

our next match we decided to up the ante where the graphics quality said to very high and the frame rate still at high the game player became a bit choppy it was still playable yes but we wouldn’t recommend it for a fast-paced online shooter like this.


the experience it wasn’t quite there the controls felt a bit sluggish you can see us struggling to aim here checking the temps it seems like the screen god up to a max of 33 degrees Celsius well the back went degree more

PUBG on Redmi Note 9 Pro Review:

By Default HD Settings:

we are off to a pretty good start here so we head up to pubg  first things first we cranked up the settings to HD and kept the framerate at high here the redmi note 9 pro held up pretty well. we got a couple of easy kills tried swapping up-and-down panning side-to-side and everything seemed to work okay. however once a bit of time passed and we headed into the more populated areas of the map we noticed a few occasional frame drops creeping into the gameplay.

it was very minor like here when for the head but as you guys can see we were still able to get the kill so the game still remained very playable even at HD.

Smooth Graphics Settings:

next we went to settings set the graphic details to smooth and the framerate to ultra because it’s worth learning that the extreme setting is not available here on the note 9 Pro anyway we jumped into another game

we smooth REM felt pretty much at the beginning of the game itself since 2 enemies caught us by surprise and yep with the graphics lowered aiming felt a lot smoother

at smooth we were carrying a much better experience with more consistent frame rates we even decided to hop onto a bike first and then a car to see if moving fast would lead to framerate drops.

Temperature :

the redmi note 9 pro held on steady so after almost 30 odd minutes of PUBG. we decided to check the temperatures here it was 40 degrees around the top of the phone both to the front as well as the back but the average tens were around 38 degrees not too bad since we’ve been gaming for quite a while now right

Asphalt 9 on Redmi Note 9 Pro Review:

Now the time was for a racing game and our  odd choice was asphalt 9

We played a couple of races it’s a really pretty game with loads of detail. This reflection on the car on the windows of the car, reflections from water on the road gravel flying all around lots of particle effects going on. It’s an intense will work hard for the Adreno 6-1 a GPU.

Here that’s the same GPU as on the Snapdragon 730 G but on the redmi note 9 pro products clocked at 750 megahertz. It seems to be up to the task as we didn’t really faze any major issues with asphalt 9. There were a few jitters after a while of continuous gaming but it wasn’t something that distracted us a whole lot or took away anything from the gameplay experience interestingly it seems.

Temperature :

Redmi note 9 pro is running cooler now we have a max of 37 degrees on the front as well as the back. Looks like whatever cooling solution Redmi is using here along with a smaller and more efficient 8 nanometer manufacturing node is helping with the heat dissipation.

TURBO Game Mode of Redmi Note 9 Pro:

one simple feature that we must mention here is game turbo mode. This Turbo game mode other than the usual performance, improves for all games. it’s got some special features as well. we don’t really use them since we found the touch and tap sensitivity as well as the touch areas to be fine by default but the options are there in case you want to modify them.


so all what’s the verdict from a gaming review the node 9 Pro does well for a budget gaming phone. It manages to keep the heat under control fairly well and if you are willing to sacrifice a bet on visual fidelity or the graphics then the gameplay. Here it can be very good it can be taught not even.

Even with the higher graphic details most games remain playable but there are gonna be a bit of frame drops a little bit of lag. you’re gonna have to contend with this from time to time



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