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change font in android

How to change fonts style in android phone:

Hello Elmntrixers ! Welcome to . Today I’ll guide you with how to change fonts style in any android phone. Changing Fonts style in any android device was never so easy. Fonts styles are the beautiful and attractive part of any android device UI.

How to change fonts in android without root ?:

Rooting android devices can risk security of your android devices. There are more than 1000+  post blogs are available on google regarding changing font style with root and without root.

Due to lot of Pros of changing font style by rooting a android device, Here is a latest one trick to try:

How to change writing style in phone:

Writing style in phones are nothing but a fonts, that can be changed by rooting your android Devices. It is very easy to change your writing style in android phones. You Just have to root your android device. Android Devices are one of the most tweak-able devices available in globe.

Read: Change Writing style in your phone.

Guys you can go with the video tutorial…


Android fonts:

Android smartphones come with a font set by default. But like with everything on Android, they can be changed to suit your particular taste.

So if you want to give your phone a new look, you should know that you can always change fonts. In an attempt to differentiate themselves from the crowd, some Android OEMs have bundled additional fonts with their phones. Although not all offer this option. The good news is that even if that’s the case for your device, you can still change the fonts.

Steps to change fonts style :

  1. you should root your phone with Magisk Manager  (Magisk is the best systemless root for your device. Download the latest version of magisk manager and flash the file through custom recovery such as TWRP, CMW, etc)
  2. open magisk manager > slide to download section
  3. search font changer created by John Fawkes > click download button
  4. click on install > wait till the file get download and install automatically (it generally takes few minutes
  5. Click on reboot to reboot the device after successful installation
  6. After rebooting open play store and search for terminal app (as font changer is a terminal script it can only be executed through terminal and root permission) you can download any terminal app. I prefer termux
  7. Open terminal app (termux) type “su” (to get su i.e super user permission) grant superuser permission when a magisk popup appears.
  8. now type “font_changer” (type its as given not to add “”) > Font changer script executes
  9. Now select 1.Fonts (just type the serial number of your selection and hit enter.
  10. It get process and shows the name of all 243 downloadable fonts, select the serial of that font name of your choice (you can even google with font name to have a look on how those fonts appear or if you have already selected font search the name there) > type the serial number of your choose font style and hit enter (its takes few seconds to download file) (I choose 54.CoolJazz)
  11. type “y” to reboot when asked and hit enter
  12. Done 🙂 you can see changes once the device it started.

Thank you 🙂


video :



  • It is suggested to try this thing on android 6+ do not try this on lower version of android version less than android 6.
  •  Device used : xiaomi redmi note 5 pro, OS: Pixel Experience plus, Android version : 10 (its not mandatory to be on custom Roms you can even try it on stock and MIUI)
  • We not responsible if your device get damaged while rooting or making any changes using root.





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